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    “After Jennette worked on my site, I felt like I had finally entered the new millenium. She’s efficient and professional and gets the job done. I can’t recommend her enough.”

    Jamie Attenberg

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Make My Blog Pretty is now Makeworthy Media

When I started freelancing full-time in 2009 my clientele was mostly other female bloggers like myself who wanted beautiful blogs. I decided to name my company Make My Blog Pretty to catch the attention of my audience because it declared what I did in simple terms, setting me apart from other web designers. However, both […]

Sitemeter bug causing problems for Internet Explorer users

If you use SiteMeter to track your web stats, I’d recommend that you temporarily remove the code from your site because it’s causing problems in Internet Explorer. (I’m not sure if it’s happening in all versions of the browser, but it’s definitely happening in IE 10.) I was alerted about this when a client forwarded […]

Site redesign. Finally.

It’s a common dilemma for web designers that we’re so busy building other people’s web sites that we don’t have time to work on our own. Most of my jobs are via referral, so my web site isn’t my primary selling point. People typically see the other sites I’ve designed and make an inquiry about […]