Diaryland to WordPress imports

Are you a Diaryland user who’d like to switch to WordPress, but you don’t want the hassle of copying and pasting hundreds of entries? No problem. I can import all your entries for you. All I need is:

  1. Your exported Diaryland archive. This is usually saved as an HTML file. (Here are instructions on how to get your Diaryland archive.)
  2. Log in information to your WordPress blog. (If you need to set up a WordPress blog, I offer a Starter Package.)

I can import the titles, dates, and text of all your entries. They will be sorted into a category called “Diaryland” unless you request otherwise. Please note that:

  1. Any hyperlinks in your posts will remain the same. If you linked to Diaryland entry in a post, that link will still point to your Diaryland entry. You will have to update those links by hand.
  2. All image links in your posts will remain the same. If you posted an image on Diaryland, that image remains linked to Diaryland. If your Diaryland is private, a pop-up box will appear asking for your username and password on any WordPress posts where the image is used.

If you wish for your entries to remain marked as private, let me know and I can import them as such.

The price of conversion is $0.10 per entry. If you don’t know how many entries you have, you can send me the exported Diaryland HTML file and I can tell you. Contact me if you’re interested and I can add you to my schedule.