Bronze/Starter Package

The Starter Package includes these services:

  • I recommend a reliable web host
  • Help you register a domain
  • Install the WordPress blog software on your site
  • Activate a free template theme of your choice
  • Technical advice and help learning to use your blog

Domains and hosting

A domain costs $9-12 a year and basic hosting can cost anywhere from $4-$7 a month. More robust plans can cost $20 or more a month. I can provide guidance on to how to choose a domain registrar and a hosting company.

WordPress themes

You need a WordPress theme that is secure and well-coded. I can recommend several free themes that meet these standards. It can also be worth spending a bit of money to get a theme from a reputable source. These companies are known for selling premium themes at reasonable prices:

*Affiliate link

Please contact me for the current price of the WordPress Starter Package.

For more customized design check out our Silver and Gold packages.