WordPress Plugins

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Disable Cookbook Ratings

This plugin disables ratings in the Cookbook recipe plugin. No one can leave a rating or view existing ratings for recipes on the front-end or back-end of the site. If recipe ratings were submitted on the site before the plugin was activated, those ratings remain in the database but cannot be viewed anywhere.

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Disable PDF Thumbnails

This plugin disables WordPress from generating image thumbnails when you upload a PDF. This behavior was introduced in WordPress 4.7, so this plugin isn’t needed for any version older than that. Not all web hosts support the ability to generate images from PDFs either, so even if you have 4.7 or newer you might not need this.

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Pick Giveaway Winner

This plugin randomly selects a winner or winners from the comments of a giveaway post. You can also disqualify people who’ve entered more than once (determined by email), or reduce their entries to only one. The plugin uses MySQL’s random function RAND() to randomly select the winners directly from the database.

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